Social Engagement Solutions 

Our solutions deliver a truly social experience to connect to your audiences - wherever or however they are consuming content-  and cut through the social clutter!

As an industry leader in participation technologies, we help you integrate your brand across social networks and keep your content relevant and at the heart of the conversation.

Our unrivaled experience driving audience interactivity has provided Telescope with an effective understanding of audience interaction and gaming mechanics to maximize social engagement for shows and sponsors. 

Recent campaigns include:-

  • Real-time Twitter campaign for 2012 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk
  • Social companion experience for CBS hit show 'Survivor', sponsored by Sprint
  • Live social interactive experience for the final of 'Face Off' for Syfy

Filtering Out The Noise

We approach social engagement with same core principle that has fuelled other areas of our business  - how can we REACH, ENGAGE and RETAIN an audience. Whether working across TV, film, sports or news, our solutions focus on finding or building activity from a niche or mass-scale audience, and targeting the message to drive repsonse.

We can work with you to deliver the best experience across multiple social feeds, track conversations and find the social content that matters to you and your fans, building valuable insight around your social activity.

Sponsorship Solutions

Our social sponsorship solutions are a range of participation and amplification mechanics that can be added to a TV show or sponsorship partnership.

We can create custom applications or template-driven solutions which include HTML5 social visualisations, Twitter, Facebook and mobile apps.

All of these deliver valuable rich media experiences and cost-effect social and second screen engagement.

The templated social media visualisation solutions also include access to our platform and campaign management console with real-time insights and statistics.