Second Screen Solutions

We believe second screen applications and connected devices will have the biggest impact on the future of the global TV industry. The social TV shake up offers unprecedented opportunities for television networks and brands as content consumption continually fragments and viewers are multitasking over multiple screens more than ever.

Through innovative creative solutions and continually evolving second screen technologies, we can help you navigate the landscape.

Powering Connections

The impact of Second Screen technologies offers consumers and audiences a truly integrated and immersive brand experience. This will lead to more targeted and personalized relationships with your audience, a focus on multiple niche experiences and ultimately improved ROI.

Our Second Screen solutions, deliver multiple opportunities:-

  • Enable real-time interactivity
  • Leverage the small screen during major live events
  • Gamification of program extensions
  • Live play- along for sports fans
  • Fuel conversation and communities through social
  • Tap into audiences wherever they are viewing content
  • Marketing & Sponsorship opportunies around second-screen
  • Enhanced Ad engagement & brand experiences
  • Synced cross-platform TV and digital campaigns
  • Seamless e-commerce extensions
  • Trackable consumer relationships
“Using a tablet or smartphone while watching TV is more common than not” Global Trends in Smartphone and Tablet Use While Watching TV - Nielsen, April 2012


Recent clients - CBS Survivor, Syfy Face Off, Food Network...

  •  First ever Twitter vote for The X Factor USA
  • Record-breaking multi-platform campaign for Sprite & NBA's Slam Dunk
  • Food Network Star - social voting through Facebook
  • Twitter campaign for Big Brother in UK